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CIOFF® is an international non-governmental organization of UNESCO. This NGO maintains formal consultative relations with UNESCO.


Since 1970 CIOFF® has been working towards safeguarding, promotion and diffusion of folklore and traditional cultures:

* Promoting the intangible cultural heritage through dance, music, songs, games, rituals, ceremonies, customs, traditional crafts, costumes and food.
* Contributing to preservation of cultural identity throughout the world.
* Implementing its Policy on Transmission of Cultural Heritage to Children.
* Supporting the activities of its members in the areas of folklore and traditional culture.
* Serving the cause of peace and non-violence through international cultural cooperation.
* Implementing the UNESCO Programmes related to traditional cultures.
* Compiling the "Directory of Experts in Folklore ".


At present, CIOFF® worldwide membership covers 89 countries of the World, with 68 National Sections, 2 Associate Members and 19 Corresponding Members.

It is estimated that over 1 million people, including over 30'000 folklore dance and music groups and folk arts organisations are associated with CIOFF® through their CIOFF® National Sections Worldwide.

CIOFF® Annual Activities:

* Over 300 International Folklore Festivals, including 24 International Children's Festivals
* 1500 Traditional Arts & Crafts Exhibitions
* 5000 Traditional Dance, Music, Songs & Crafts Workshops
* Seminars
* Conferences
* CIOFF® World Folkloriada (every 4 years)
* Participation in UNESCO programmes
* CIOFF® Publications
* CIOFF® World Congress & General Assembly


The main asset of CIOFF® organisation is the International Folklore Festivals, held annually all over the world to celebrate traditional Dance, Music, Songs & Crafts.

* Worldwide over 300 International Folklore Festivals are being held annually through CIOFF® network, including 24 International Children's Folklore Festivals.
* The number of the Festivals is growing each year, with some of the oldest CIOFF® Festivals running for over 50 years.
* Over 35 years of CIOFF® existence over 6000 International Folklore Festivals took place around the Globe.
* The total number of International Folklore Celebration days organised through CIOFF® worldwide is estimated at 2500 days per year.
* The total number of Folklore Festival Performances held globally is estimated at 15000 performances per year.





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